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Hygrid Health was born out of a desire to truly put patients and healthcare consumers in the center of their healthcare journey.

Our founder started her journey in 2013 when she and her partner were trying to start a family and found themselves seeking the care of fertility specialists. Her anxiety about fertility care was further exacerbated when she had to call, fax, and email record requests to six different providers who did not have electronic health records. Fast forward to 2020 after having her second baby, the data silo experience was still present. After many months of contemplating, Laika launched her startup in 2021 with a bold vision to unlock and grant consumers access to their healthcare information so they can connect, distribute, and manage their data for themselves.

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Our Vision

Democratize healthcare data for consumers so they can share and manage their information on their terms. We go beyond just connecting consumers to their health data. We aim to integrate data for personalized care, connect consumers to resources, and advance healthcare through contributing data for research.

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Our Mission

Build healthcare solutions that start with how consumers engage with the healthcare system. Our mission is to enable each consumer to make better healthcare choices by having insights into their health and connect to resources that are personalized to their health history.

Our Team

Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We're looking for talented people who love to work at the intersection of healthcare and technology! Come join us!

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    Passionate about transforming consumer experiences in healthcare, Laika brings over 15 years of experience to Hygrid.


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    We're growing and expanding our team! If you're interested in collaborating with a high-growth health tech startup, get in touch!


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