Our Solutions

We are building health data solutions for individuals and families seeking fertility care and managing the care of their family members.

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    Health History

    Connect your health history, genetic data, ovulation information, labs, and devices all in one place that is understandable and searchable.

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    Personalized Health Insights

    Personalized insights about you and your health. Is your health improving? Are your levels within the normal range? How do you compare with others with similar demographics?

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    Resource Recommendations

    Connect to support groups, clinical services, devices, health-related discounts, and public health updates.

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    Consented Data Sharing

    Consent to sharing your data with family, friends, and clinical professionals to ensure they are always working with a complete health history.

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Use Cases

Understanding our product and how we are able to benefit you and your family.

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    Access the Whole Family's Health Data

    Manage your entire family's health history all in one place, not across multiple portals. Having all of your family's health records in one place will allow parents to stay on top of their family's health. Access immunization records for school, medication history, allergies, and more.

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    Access Your Fertility Data

    We help families seeking fertility treatment to better manage their health by bringing together their data in one place. Having access to you healthcare data - genetic tests, medication history, labs, clinical information - makes you an empowered healthcare consumers.

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